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How Do I? (FAQ)


What is the Non-Emergency number?
What is the fax number?
What is the number to the Animal Shelter?
(775)777-7333  Option 3
What are the hours for open burning in Elko County?
0600 to 1200 hrs (6 am to noon)
When is open burning?
Call (775)738-9960 for more information
What is the number to the Police Department?
What is the number to the Sheriff's Office?
What is the number to the jail?


What is the number to the Carlin Police Department?
Why do dispatchers ask so many questions when I call 911?
Emergency dispatchers need to get accurate information to allow officers to make the best decision on how to approach the situation.  Dispatchers handling fire and paramedic calls must also consider the well-being of the public and the safety of the firefighters and paramedics.  Callers will be asked:

  • Where
  • What
  • Who
  • When
  • Weapons
The information you provide a dispatcher is relayed to responding officers, paramedics or firegfighters while they are on their way to the call.  This allows them to help make educated decisions about how they respond to the call and what equipment they take with them.
If I call 911, what will they ask me?
Where?  What is the location of the emergency?  (We may need to transfer to another agency)
This is the address where the emergency is actually happening, include room # or suite #, floor, entrance, etc.  If you don't know the actual address, tell the dispatcher and then:

  • Give cross streets or provide landmarks, business names or parks near the emergency.
  • Look at the house numbers in the area.
  • If you are calling from inside a home or business, look on a piece of mail.
  • If you are hunting and have a GPS, offer dispatchers the GPS coordinates.
What is the phone number you're calling from?

This is the number to the phone you're actually calling from.  We need this in case we have to call you back.

  • If you are not at home, do not give home phone number.
  • Know what your cell phone number is.
What is the problem?

Tell us exactly what happened.  Be as concise as possible.

Who is involved?

Are you involved or witness?  Suspect name if known or description.  Is suspect still there or have they left? 


  • Name
  • Male/Female and White/Black/HispanicAsian
  • Short/Tall, Heavy/Thin
  • Beard, bald, hair color and style such as blonde pony tail or dark shoulder length, etc.
  • Jacket, shirt, pants
  • Boots, Tennis shoes, sandals
  • Leave on foot or in a vehicle
  • Direction of travel
Vehicle Information

  • Color - if unknown, was it light or dark
  • Year - newer or older
  • Make/Model - Honda Accord or Ford F150
  • Additional - Toolbox, window decals, bumper stickers, broken window, noticeable damage, etc.
  • License - Plate and State - even partial information helps.
Why do dispatchers ask so many questions on a medical call?
You will be asked a series of questions that will help determine the response of paramedics to the call.  The paramedics will be better prepared to help the patient with the information you have provided.  EMS will also be able to provide caller with proper steps to take until paramedics arrive.
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